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Richard Blumenthal MD, FAAP                                                     Board Certified Pediatricians
Melanie Blumenthal MD, FAAP                                                   

About Us

Rick Blumenthal MD, FAAP                             Melanie Blumenthal MD, FAAP

Education and Training                                     Education and Training                           
Medical Education                                             Medical Education
Albany Medical College 1987-1991                  Albany Medical College 1987-1991                                  

Internship and  Residency                                 Internship and  Residency
University of California Irvine                             University of California Irvine 
1991-1994                                                          1991-1994

Hobbies and Interests                                         Hobbies and Interests
Playing guitar , Tae Kwon Do,                            Watching my 2 children learn and
sports cars, tennis, jazz, poker                           grow, getting lost in the                                                               
                                                                            suspense of a mystery novel
I love watching children grow and                       Working with children is a
learn-their natural curiosity keeps                       privilege and I decided to  
every day new and exciting.  I                             become a doctor in order to
believe that helping children get                          protect their health and rights.â€?  
and stay healthy is the greatest                                                                           
privilege there is.                                                                                               

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