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Scheduling System
You can expect an automated reminder call the day before your appointment (if they are made > 24 hours in advance).  Please listen to the automated call and respond by pushing the appropriate button.  If we know who is not coming, we can make more appointments available for last minute calls.  We do not accept walk-in patients (except true emergencies).  We have opened up more actual scheduled appointments instead.  We hope this will significantly decrease waiting time. 

Cancellation Policy
In order to make more appointments available, we have instituted a fee for not cancelling your appointment if you do not show up ($20).  This fee applies whether or not you receive a call reminding you about your appointment.  You must call before 8:30 AM the day of your appointment to not incur a charge.  The cancellation policy and the automated system above have been implemented to make sure we can offer every available appointment to those who need one.

Teens need Well Check Exams as well as young children.
Preventative exams help teens in many ways.  It allows for discussion of teenage safety issues, assures sports forms can be filled out in t aimely fashion (if there is a physical <12 months old), and provides an opportunity to be sure they are up to date  with all current vaccine recommendations.  These include a tetanus vaccine (ADACEL), a meningitis vaccine (MENACTRA) and, for girls, the cervical cancer vaccine (GARDISIL).  Call to schedult one today.

Trampolines are causing lots of injuries
The American Acasemy of Pediatrics recommends against using trampolines.   You can view their opinion at;103/5/1053   .

Scooters are causing lots of injuries
Make sure your children wear helmets and shoes at a minimum.   Protective pads are also very useful.  Children should be aware of traffic rules, and parents should be aware of their children’s developmental stage.  Most kids under 7 or 8 have a difficult time controlling them.  Injuries in the month of August alone are more than 4500 (southern cal only).  Significant injuries include head trauma, separated shoulder, lacerations, amputation of toes, fractures, and 2 deaths so far.  See;109/3/542

Sunburn and drowning season is here, but stay safe
Make sure your kids use sunscreen for outdoor play (spf 30 or higher) if they are at least 6 months old. Reapply it frequently—even waterproof products wash off. Given the number of drownings in the news recently, it is very important that your children be directly observed by an adult that can swim at all times in the water (not just the lifeguard). Even small plastic pools have the potential for drowning. Also, don’t leave young children unattended in the bathtub.

Helmets Protect Heads
Wearing helmets has been shown to reduce the risk of serious head injury and death from accidents. However, many people don’t realize that skateboards and rollerblades offer the same risks as bicycles to your head.  Recently a young boy in Long Beach was hit by a car while riding his bike.  He flew 30 feet and landed on his head, but is just fine today because he wore his helmet. 

Hot Tubs Can Be Dangerous for Children
Hot tubs can pose a serious health risk for children. Some of the problems are related to the risk of drowning in any body of water—that is unsupervised children in water. The age group is the same as for other bodies of water. One third of the victims were under age 5. However not all of the 700 spa, whirlpool, and hot tub deaths since 1980 have been simple drownings. 50 accidents (13 deaths) occurred when the victims hair became tangled in drain covers, holding their heads under water. 18 incidents (5 deaths, 10 disembowelments) occurred when all or part of the victims bodies were trapped by strong drain suction. Water temperatures higher than 104 lead to several deaths. In addition, high temperatures can lead to drowsiness causing drowning. Here are some hot tub rules.
1. Children must be supervised at all times in a spa, whirlpool, or hot tub.
2. Know where the pump shut off switch is, so it can be shut off in a an emergency.
3. Always use a locked safety cover when the spa, whirlpool, or hot tub is not in use.
4. Make sure the spa, whirlpool, or hot tub has dual drains and drain covers as required by the latest safety standards.
5. Schedule regular professional safety inspections to make sure drain covers are in place& not cracked or missing.
6. Personally check drain covers throughout the year.
7. Avoid alcoholic beverages while using a spa, whirlpool, or hot tub.

For other health topics, check out the American Academy of Pediatrics

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